Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quiz for thought II

*1. Connect the atomic elements 51 and 18 with 14th February.

3. Since its Dushera time why not a question on dolls?

What do you call these nested dolls as?
4. What connects golfer Vijay Singh, Michael Schumacher, David Beckham, Richard Branson, Rod Stewart?{rumour or otherwise}

5. Why was this book under controversy?

6. Time to blow some money.Identify the mascot :)
*7. What is corporate anorexia?

*8. In advertising parlance who are 'virgins'?

9. Who apart from Picasso said this
good artists copy great artists steal
10. Which term is described thus :"The exploitation of private information for public discourse."

11. Name the brand of jeans for iPod?

12. Clip, by, fix, first degree, custom are examples of?{I'm looking for a specific word}

13. In Greece, it is called papaki, In Japan, it is called atto maaku, in Turkey, it is called kulak, In South Africa, it is called aapstert. How do we better know the term?

14. "Roti, Kapada, Bijli aur Bandwidth" Whose mantra ?

15. Eats, Shoots & Leaves. What part of grammar does this book talk about?

16. A simple one. Identify both the logos. Notice the subtle difference

A sitter to end with. Name the author of the book "Screw It, Let's Do It."

starred questions are from other quiz blogs .

Monday, June 11, 2007

Quiz for thought

1.Connect Haagen-dazs, Polo ralph Lauren, Rolex, Buxton, Slazenger,Lanson.

2.Binary representations, base thirteen, tibetan monks are all complete nonsense.Whose words are these.

3.“Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…" where will you find this etched?

4.What is special about the following sentence: "I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness".(trust your fingers)


Code for this six sigma service.Name the service.

*6.In silicon valley lingo, what is "ladder bypass"?

*7.What are bells and whistles software ?

8.What anachronism can be found in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

9.Unscramble the sentence ‘we have guts’ to get the name of a famous cricket player.


On what occasion was this Absolut Ad released.Name the number associated with it.

*11.In the history of the 'time' magazine,printer's devil has troubled on very rare of such,perhaps the most terrible,happened when one of queen's children was born.what was that?

12.What are the common features of the computer virus - cascade virus, falling tears,autumn leaves?

13."Love your job, but never fall in love with your company because you never know when company stops loving you” whose pearls of wisdom?

*14.Classical computation bit is the numeral in binary notation, i.e. 0 or 1. In the new field of quantum computing eigenstates of any two level system (i.e. up and down spin state of photon) provides a representation of 0 and 12 and is defined as......

*15.She is considered to be a Natalie Imbruglia look-alike. She speaks native French and has American citizenship. She was formerly a lawyer in the American firm Schulte roth and Zabel. She is also a talented singer but has been rejected by record companies since she has an infamous uncle. Name her.

16.Connect: Isaac Asimov, Osama Bin Laden & a sci-fiction novel?

17.Why is Rama named so in "Rendezvous with Rama" ?

18.Metro Goldwyn Mayer trademarked its lion's roar way back. Which other American company has also trademarked another special sound peculiar to its business ?

19.Which word is derived from the name of Greek goddesses who used to attract men through music ?

20.Tourism Time:Which nation advertises itself as '99% fun and 1% land' in tourist Ads?

21.yummy!Which brand of coffee was "good to the last drop" according to the advertisement?

22.In the children’s books, whose favourite food is “haycorns”?

23.What can be an industry, a cheese or a loaf?

24.(Food for thought)
Whose famous ad slogan was- “ The Milk Chocolate melts in your mouth. Not in your hands “

*25.The idea was spawned by Michael Vasos, the owner of Just Around The Corner, a French bistro in north London. Mju in Knightsbridge, central London; Lanes in east London; and Sweet Melinda's in Edinburgh - have copied the idea. What is the USP of these restuarants?

26.Intel offered $10000 reward on eBay in 2005 for an original copy of Electronics Magazine dated 19 April, 1965. Reason?

27. If 1 year is a paper anniversary 2 years is a cotton anniversary what is the name associated with 15th anniversary?

28.A sitter to end with

Identify this lady on the right side.

Bonus Question: 8,5,4,9.?

what number proceeds the series.

* credits:pickbrain

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tech Quiz-Assorted


2. ……………. is the practice of sifting looking into trash cans for company information (Hint:Think Security)

3. A sitter

4. Richard Stallman invented the system of ----------, where anyone can use, modify or redistribute the code of free software.






10. What is the technology used in tennis to see whether the ball pitched in or out.Its used in cricket too.But not for the same purpose?

What are Halloween documents?

12. What is the significance of February 1980 with respect to IEEE?

Hint: Think colors

Pour in your suggestions and feedback.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Technical Quiz

1.Which computer virus was named after a topless dancer the virus programmer once knew?

2.Whose website is titled "The homepage of WWW-illiterate" ?

3.It is claimed to be the world's first open source consumer product.What?

4. Connect

5.According to the author rhis programming language needed a name that was short,unique and slightly mysterious.Now,the creator of this programming language was also a fan of the BBC comedy show of the 70s which starred Graham Chapman,John Cleese and Eric Idle.He derived the name of this language from this program.Name the TV show and the programing language?

6.To what category does belong to?

7.What is a computer virus that actively attacks an anti-virus program(s) in an effort to prevent detection called............

8.Could it be....
» that you were trying to find those secret files that everybody claims exist on the Internet, but nobody has ever been able to find?
»that the men in dark glasses forcibly removed it?
» Was it just a figment of someone else's imagination?
» that we just goofed? Very unlikely.
»that the server took it upon itself to eliminate all traces of it? HAL9000 anyone?
»that you just didn't have control over your fingers today? Maybe you were possibly looking over your shoulder as you typed? Maybe someone is watching you even now.
What is being conveyed here?

9.Why does an audio CD hold 74 minutes-worth of music?

10.August 24th,1995 was a momentous occasion for the computer industry as Microsoft introduced Win 95 at a gala launch event.The Empire State Building was lit with WIn 95 logo. in Poland,journalists were taken into a submarine to experience something.What is it?

11. What are these gestures mocking at?

12.Who wrote the book "The Mythical Man-Month"?

13. What service does the website offer?

14.Name the animation studio where Star Wars was created?

15.Connect the following Manhattan, Apollo, Hedwig, Cartman, Guinness.

16.It could have been: Calex, Elcal, Calecom, Elcom, Calcomp, Digicom, Tronicom, Comptek, Computek, Esscotek or Ectek. But what name was finally chosen for this startup?

17. Connect

18.In chat and email lingo, what is TEOTWAWKI?

19.In Turkish, ______ means "the holy meeting place"
In Finnish, ______ means "orgasms“

It’s terms of service state:
By submitting, posting or displaying any Materials on or through ______, you automatically grant to us a worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicenseable, transferable, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right to copy, distribute, create derivative works of, publicly perform and display such Materials.

20. The “Make Love Not Spam” campaign by Lycos came under fire from security experts and spammers, and had to bite the dust. Why?

21.Which gadget is described in this specification: 6.5 ounces and measured 2.43 by 4.02 by 0.78 inches lighter than most cell phones.

22.If you take a bale of hay and tie it to the tail of a mule and then strike a match and set the bale of hay on fire, and if you then compare the energy expended shortly thereafter by the mule with the energy expended by yourself in the striking of the match, you will understand the concept of amplification."Who said this?

23.Connect these: Rhapsody, Titan, Carbon .

24.Black comb:??::Whistler:XP

25.The literal meaning in Chinese for this term is - "Ten-Thousand-Dimensional Web in Heaven and Net on Earth". How do we better know this yet another term from the Cyber world ?

P.S:These are some of the questions that I and Santosh hosted during Innofest '07.Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time for Trivia#4

1.With what is true,false and floating associated?

2.If Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3-14)at 1:59 pm(3.14159) what is celebrated on October 23 between 6.02 pm and 6.02 am?

3.What is Lazy Susan?

4.This is a portmanteau given to the failed video game convergence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley.Name the term.

5.If Déjà vu in French means “already seen” what does Jamais vu mean?

6.What term is used to describe the loneliness that parents feel when their children leave home permanently?

7.Which system of medicine derives its name from two greek words meaning “similar suffering”?

8.This adorable wrinkle-faced creature is still the most popular small breed appearing in “You and I” advertising campaign of Hutch commercial.Name the breed.

9.When you stir up a ‘hornet’s nest’ you invite something.What is it?

10.This ubiquitous technology has the Nordic initials of H and G in its logo.Name the technology.

11.The members of which profession use a blue pencil?

12.After whom is 74th Street,Jackson Heights,New York named?

13.Suppose a newly-born pair of rabbits, one male, one female, are put in a field. Rabbits are able to mate at the age of one month so that at the end of its second month a female can produce another pair of rabbits. Suppose that the rabbits never die and that the female always produces one new pair (one male, one female) every month from the second month on.

Which famous series originated from this?

14.This “un welcomed guest” in email also means a canned pre cooked meat product.Name it.

15.Which company is located in a street called “Infinite Loop”?

16.Name the chain of cosmetics stores owned by Anita Roddick?

17.Name the Indian character who features in the “dilbert” comic strip(The IITian)?

18.In HR lingo what is the term given for a person who quits a company to join another but decides to join back?

19.What does the phrase ‘being plutoed’?

20.If video means ‘I see’ Audio means ‘I hear’ what is ‘I play’

21. Identify the term in the blocked portion of the comic.(Click the picture for a larger view)

22.What word is used to describe 600 times the length of Hercules’ foot?

23.Which word originates from the name given to medieval mercenaries,who soldiered for cash?

Corrections and Suggestions are welcomed!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Theme Quiz#2

1. I wrote my first software program when I was 13 years old.It was for playing tic-tac-toe.The computer I used was huge and cumbersome and slow and absolutely compelling.

Name the book which has these lines in it and name the author.

2. What is blue screen of death?

3.There are many companies that would love to hate Microsoft. The principal enemies of Microsoft are commonly referred to as NOISE. If N stands for Netscape, O for Oracle, I for IBM, S for Sun Microsystems, what does E stand for?(» Murali's blog)

4.Name the ubiquitous software which has this logo.

5. Clippit, The Dot, F1, Merlin, Mother Nature, Links & Rocky(Exhaustive List).Connect these.

6.Chicago,Memphis,Georgia,Whistler,Longhorn.What connects these.

7.Why was this 17 yr old Canadian teenager and web designer in news?(Think name)

8.Where Do You Want to Go Today ; Your Potential Our Passion.Which software giant has this caption.

9.What is a three fingure salute?


This is the view of a famous personality residence.Name the person.

11. Name the personalities in the picture(source »

12.Microsoft is listed in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol .............

13. The CEO and two founders of Google ,Kinder Morgan , Capital One Financial , Apple Computer and Pixar ...All these executives boast of taking something.What is it.

Just a sitter.Name the theme.

Corrections and Suggestions are welcomed.

Friday, February 09, 2007


The questions are a li'l skewed though.

1.Identify the cartoonist whose comic strip has this character in the Google Doodle(sitter)

2.Give the keyword that was keyed in to get this Google Trend.
(Big Fat Hint:Literal meaning of the name "One who confronts")

3. When ____ was a Stanford research project, it was nicknamed BackRub because the technology checks back links to determine a site's importance. Identify it?

4. Name the famous personalities.

5. Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, co-founded X, the company behind Y. Z acquired X in February 2003.Name X,Y,Z.

6. --------- is the challenging pursuit of searching the popular search engine with a two-word or more search argument that will produce exactly (no less and no more than) one result. That is, only one Web page in the world (at least as indexed by the search engine) will happen to have the combination of words you've entered in the search box. What am I referring to?

7. Name this place which is viewed from Google Earth(Think Federer)

8.Name the search engine which gives specific results generated by search engines X,Y.Name X,Y and the amalgamated search engine.

9.While working with Affinity Systems, X developed InCircle, intended to be used by University Alumni groups. X then moved to Y, another famous organization and developed Z, something that made his name world-famous. Name X, Y, Z.

10.Google was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ------

11.Google's ranking mechanism --------- was granted patent on Sep 4 2001.

12. Identify the Advertiser

13. US Government, Apple,BSD, Linux,Macintosh and Microsoft.These have a specific connection.Name the connection.

14.Name the occasion when this Google logo was released.

All the questions have a theme.Name it.